Giving Back

Educate Rwanda is a non-profit dedicated to sharing God’s love by helping to improve
children’s educational, physical and spiritual needs in Rwanda, Africa.

Rick & Amy Hendel and Shane & Enid Mason, co-founders of Educate Rwanda, continue to raise awareness about the history of this African country, the continued struggles and successes, and the present needs of the Rwandan people.

Rick Hendel has taken three service trips to Africa, with his latest co-leading a team of ten to Rwanda.  They were able to be part of the training of the Hydraform brick-making machine, which was gifted to this community by generous donors through Educate Rwanda and Valley Church in Vacaville, California.  This machine will be used to build walls and buildings for the local community.

Educate Rwanda also focuses on economic development by partnering and holding accountable the community leaders through small business initiatives and training.

For more information about Educate Rwanda, please visit,

Student at Remera, Kigali, Rwanda

Rick Hendel, Pastor Esron, Shane Mason

Building the wall with the hydraform machine around the EFCR

Building the foundation for the wall

Student at Remera, Kigali, Rwanda

Bricks made with Hydraform Machine