5 Home Tips that Make a Big Impact: Creating a Beautiful and Organized Home

Winter is a great time to organize and beautify your home with small projects that can make an inspiring impact.  Here are 5 little tips that just might make a huge difference in the way your home looks, feels, and functions.

1. A Beautiful Glow — For all of those recessed lights in your home, switch to a halogen light bulb.  You won’t believe the world of difference it makes in the feel of your home, casting a soft, warm light that is still very crisp in color!  Try the PAR30 Halogen Indoor Floodlight for instance, and we bet you won’t go back.

Home Tips | Hendel Homes Twin Cities MN

2.  Cardboard Be Gone — If your family uses a lot of pre-packaged food items, don’t rely on the cardboard packaging for storage.  Take individual snacks (granola bars, bags of crackers, etc) out of their boxes and place the snacks in beautiful wicker baskets or vintage tin buckets by type of food.  Reduce space while adding some custom beauty to your pantry as well!


3.  The Spotless Solution —  If you haven’t found a solution for taking water spots off your metals, look no further!  Cape Cod Cleaner Metal Polishing Cloths work on aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, gold, nickel, pewter, and silver.  We love how easily they remove water spots from polished nickel!  Truly, these cloths are the only solution we’ve found that really works.


4.  Perfect Timing — Fill your home with candlelight ambiance using timer candles.  They turn on automatically and add character to any room as the day turns to night.  Choose the ones made of real wax, like these, for a natural look without any of the work or mess.


5.  Music to Your Ears — If you don’t have in-home audio in every room yet, then the Bose mini speaker is the way to go.  It pairs to any device and voila! — the sound of a symphony in the convenience of your own home.


Bonus Winter tip from HENDEL Homes: Make sure your humidistat is set for winter.  This will lessen the chance of dew forming on the inside corners of your windows on extra cold days. 

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