FEATURED : The Face of Architectural Building + Remodeling Amy & Rick Hendel

Hendel Homes fosters meaningful partnerships among clients, architects, designers and tradespeople. Rick and Amy Hendel have an innate ability to implement a personal, design-style approach. They take time to understand each client’s style and desires, as well as what is necessary to build notable projects. They do not focus merely on the final outcome of a building project, but on every detail along the way.

“A service mindset means we listen to more than just out clients’ words, ” Rick said. “It is the essence of our entire consultative and collaborative style. It means we approach each tase with humility, honoring the wisdom and solutions of our collaborators. Our clients develop confidence and trust in us because they see we always have their best interest in mind. As builders with decades of experience, we always deliver architecturally intricate homes with uncompromising quality. Through careful project planning materials selection, we construct sound structures that embrace your lifestyle. Our work is more than project management. We infuse everything we do with a heightened sense of devotion, care, and respect for our clients. Advocating for each homeowner’s resources, time, and talents is truly a responsibility we value.

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