“Women who move Minnesota” MPLS-St. Paul Magazine, October 2018

Hendel fosters meaningful partnerships between clients, architects, designers and tradespeople and has an innate talent for implementing the design-style. Rick and Amy’s story started with their collabora- tion in talent and business to provide the best product and elevate their clients de- sign style through an exceptional team and approachable process. Amy’s background in business and real estate and love for ar- chitecture and design adds a meaningful contribution to their team. Balancing fam- ily and work is also part of her daily plans. However, their children, Ava and Ashton, are also helping out with organizing selec- tions and outside drone shots of the job sites under construction.

Hendel’s process and product make them noticeably different and a leader in the

industry as they take time to understand each client’s style and desires and what is necessary in building notable projects. Clients appreciate the personal approach of Hendel and their guided step-by-step construction process.

“There is an overwhelming difference in the amount of noticeable, custom details they provide.”

At Hendel Homes, Rick and Amy believe in a philosophy of service which translates into putting the interests of their clients first. They focus on each detail along the way, not just the outcome of a building project.

“A service mindset involves listening to more than just our clients’ words; it leads our consultative and collaborative style.

It means approaching each task with hu- mility, honoring the wisdom and solutions our collaborators offer in any given circum- stance. Our clients develop confidence and trust in us because they see we’re working with their best interests in mind. As builders, we deliver architecturally intri- cate homes with uncompromising quality. Through careful project planning and ma- terials selection, we construct sound struc- tures that enclose environments calibrated to your lifestyle.

At Hendel Homes, we see our work as more than just project management. We infuse everything we do with a heightened sense of devotion, care, and respect for our clients. The honor of advocating for each homeowner’s resources, time, and talents never ceases to humble us.”