Building Services

Considering Us As Your Builder

Hendel Homes offers expertise in the field of building. We maintain rigorous structural quality standards, no matter the project size. Our team includes a project manager skilled in structural engineering, with thirty plus years of construction experience. We know your home is a living system, made of many materials. We firmly understand our products, build with maximum quality-control, and practice sound construction methods.

The Owners Role

The owner selects an architecture firm, a building company, and an interior designer and each party focus on their specific area of expertise. Expectations set out by the owner serve as a reference for choosing these three collaborators. Hendel works closely with many of the top architecture firms in the Twin Cities and midwest, east and west coast, and country, making the relationship cohesive. During the design phase, the owner provides feedback to the architect on design, space, layout, schedule, and budget projections. Most likely, the architect will help the owner make material selections before construction. However, if preferred, the owner can make material selections with a designer or Hendel’s design expert.

The Architects Role

The architect will provide full-scale plans before the bid, with most, if not all, selections made and detailed. Throughout the construction phase, the architect is consulted to ensure potential changes meet code compliance and the owner’s overall objectives.

Hendels Role

Hendel will consistently communicate with the architect as plans are drafted to determine any building questions. We believe it is important to be proactive so we can eliminate extra work and use time efficiently. When the plans are complete, Hendel will bid out the project costs based on the owner’s budget and allowances. Our approach is to assure reliable costs by using the most experienced and appropriate subcontractors. During construction, we ensure the work progresses on schedule, address design decisions, and execute the owner’s overall design vision.

Summarizing the Advantages of our Building Services

  • The architect’s highly-detailed plans and specs determine project cost.
  • Work is done up-front to eliminate potential problems.
  • The builder offers input during the design and construction phase.
  • Potential design issues are caught through highly-detailed blueprints and selections, reducing change orders.
  • Hendel acts as the single point of reference and contact for all construction.
  • It is Hendel’s responsibility to facilitate a collaborative relationship between the architect and designer throughout constriction, working as a team of experts with egos left at the door.