The Importance of Having a Thoughtfully-Designed Workspace: 4 HENDEL Office Design Elements that Inspire Motivation & Creativity

The business of building beautiful homes naturally attracts people who are highly attuned to, and affected by, their daily surroundings. They are advocates of excellent design and appreciate how the details within their environments shape their moods and productivity. As you would imagine, we at HENDEL are sensitive to this fact. It is important to us that our team is able to enjoy working in an office that brings them happiness and inspiration every time they walk in the door. We believe this to be true for any workspace – no matter the business or location. Here are some things that have helped us cultivate an atmosphere that fosters motivation and creativity.



An organized space is key for a productive office. Having a place for everything saves precious time and maintains efficient and smooth-running systems. Paper can be the biggest culprit when it comes to disorganization, so a highly functional filing system is essential. Approach storage much like you would furniture to refrain from their function looking too utilitarian. Consider beautiful built-in cabinets and drawers to hide things away – particularly unsightly items like charging stations, modems, cords, and miscellaneous tech. Don’t know where to start? No worries. Thanks to the ‘tidying up’ movement, the professional organization service industry is booming. If you’re looking to hire an organizer, we have a solid list of professionals we could recommend. Their expertise can take the stress out of any struggles you or your team may be having with the distraction of visual and mental clutter.


Engage the Senses

Inspiring workspaces go beyond the visuals by engaging all the senses. Play around with music, scents, and climate. Keep favorite teas, coffees, snacks, and treats stocked to recharge during breaks, and to fuel meetings and brainstorming sessions. Daily wellness is also significantly elevated by bringing the outside in wherever possible. Place work stations near windows and natural light, circulate fresh air often and add beautiful plants or fresh flowers throughout the space.



Keep comfort in mind when designing the layout of your office. Build in enough open space to create roomy and easily accessible pathways. If you are on computers for the majority of the day, encourage frequent movement with modern standing desk options to keep the energy up. If you spend a lot of time on your feet or in the field, comfortable chairs are a welcoming luxury for legs and backs – invest in plush and well-appointed seating that complements your style and decor.



Make the rooms feel special with pretty accessories that showcase award recognitions, significant achievements, and moments celebrated. Displaying daily reminders of the common purpose, spirit, and commitment shared within your business is a great way to tap into feelings of deep appreciation for your work. Practicing gratitude enhances moods, performance, and relationships inside and outside the office space.

What goes into an Artisan Home?

Behind-the-Scenes look at Fox Point: Hendel’s 2019 Artisan Show House

It is that time of year where everything is in bloom, the energy of the season makes everything feel fresh and new, and there is vibrant inspiration all around us. What better way to enjoy it all than to attend the Artisan Home Tour. We are extremely proud to be showcasing a very special 12,000sf lakeside beauty in the tour:

Fox Point
3345 Fox Street, Orono, MN 55391
on the shores of Lake Minnetonka

Open Jun 14-16 + June 21-23
Artisan Home Tour FAQs

please note: this home will not be open to tour the first weekend
(Jun 14-16 + June 21-23 only)

Architect: Eskuche Design   |   Designer: Studio Brown Bag

There is a lot of vision, persistence, and heart that go into building an Artisan Home. Every inch is meticulously planned and carefully crafted in order to achieve a project that is truly world class. It takes an incredibly experienced and gifted group of experts – and we at Hendel appreciate and recognize every single person involved in creating this exquisite home.

Please enjoy an inside glimpse at the complex orchestration of Fox Point.
We hope to see you at the tour!

It’s all in the details…

Curated tile artistically tells a story throughout, with unique designs in every bathroom and custom mosaic designs surrounding the five fireplaces.


Formal and informal living spaces sprawl across the main level, surrounding the gourmet kitchen with its multiple dine-in options plus a scullery to hide messes.



Nearly every room makes use of the incredible views, yet the expansive glass windows and disappearing doors have refined detail that feels warm and inviting.



A full pool house with vaulted ceiling and stone fireplace overlooks the lavish outdoor pool. The sport court is an indoor soccer field with turf, and a full exercise gym is stocked with the latest high-tech equipment.

An Artisan home uses the most talented tradespeople to carefully implement each and every detail. We demand the highest expectations from ourselves, which means that we also demand the highest level of quality from each subcontractor and employee. Building the right team is nearly as important as building the home itself. It takes years of nurturing and growing the strengths of each and every person, deepening trust, creatively solving challenges, and learning from one another. An Artisan home showcases the faithful pursuit of excellence and the heart of the people who built it.

A very special thank you to all the tradespeople who made this home possible – you are the true artisans!


5 Extremely Important Details in a Home… and what it takes to perfect them.

1. Trim and molding

One of the easiest ways to improve any room instantly is to upgrade the trim and the molding. Most homeowners don’t realize the huge difference that small finishing details can make, from increasing the height of the baseboards to investing in a custom trim. Just a few small upgrades will increase the overall look and feel of a home. And these upgrades don’t have to cost a fortune. Custom knives that create unique trims and moldings can be created for as little as $125! That’s a small price to pay for a one-of-a-kind look throughout a home.


2. Cabinets

Upgraded cabinets can mean the difference between an off-the-shelf, big-box kitchen and a custom show-stopper. Many homeowners think all cabinetry is the same, but the proper cabinets depend on so many factors. So don’t trust this important design detail to just anyone. Make sure to have someone on your team who knows the proper proportions for cabinetry and can ensure that the cabinets enhance your kitchen, rather than detract from it. This isn’t a skill that can be forced or easily taught, but is actually one that comes from years of experience and an instinct for quality kitchen design. Either you have an eye for cabinetry, or you don’t. Hire someone who does.


3. Lighting

From recessed cans to statement pieces, lighting is like jewelry for your home. Sometimes you want to stick with the bare essentials; other times you want to dress up and showcase your unique style. Work with a lighting designer who knows what will work best in each space, someone who will know precisely where and when lighting will best reflect your personality. Light bulbs are just as important as the fixtures themselves but are even more overlooked. Bulbs now have color spectrum, ray span, intensity, and other features that the average homeowner may not ever consider. Find someone who knows the latest and greatest technology and will steer you in the right direction.



4. Exterior

The exterior of your home is its first impression. You only have one chance to get it right. Consider the historic homes in established neighborhoods. There’s a reason they are so celebrated and preserved. They are historically correct. and their design is what other designers study and aspire to. Make sure your home is just as timeless, a place that isn’t destined to become a tear-down as the years go by. Upgrade and change the interior as often as you wish, but work with an experienced builder who will ensure that the exterior is perfect the first time around.



5. Sound structure

A home should feel sound. It should be solid, with thick walls and a firm foundation. A home that is built well not only stands the test of time but also conveys a sense of stature and peace of mind. While the winds whip through your neighborhood and storms rage outside, be secure that your home was built to withstand whatever Mother Nature may send its way. Inside, a well-built home will have solid floor joists—where extra floorboards are added, not skimped on—so everything is nice and quiet inside as well. Make sure your builder knows how to ensure that your new home will be built to last.

Behind the Scenes of Hendel’s Current Projects

Nothing excellent has ever been accomplished without hard work, discipline, and the confidence to push beyond what is expected. Each project we take on is handled with careful consideration, and the promise of our craft and creativity throughout – no two days look identical. Our team is always collaborating to bring modern design concepts to light with complements of classic yet innovative taste.

In our world the process is just as significant, if not more so, than the final result. We’ve compiled photos of our most recent works in progress so that you can catch a glimpse of what goes on behind closed doors. (No pun intended.)


Modern Mountain:
The clean line-work, and rustic influence of this home will be brought to life with an earth-inspired color palette of blacks and warm grays. The slate roof provides a unique and beautiful example of nature-based architecture.

The amount of care it takes to get the composition of exterior stonework just right should not be underestimated. It must be well-balanced and refined, yet equally organic. The slate roof will soon be jeweled with copper gutters, and we begin to get a taste of how the color palette plays into the overall aesthetic. Each curve and angle of this home’s exterior is precise and artful. We rely on only the best of the best in contractors – a trusted, and much appreciated, team of exceptional talent we have cultivated over the years. A team that cares as deeply as we do.





This photo perfectly showcases our profound appreciation for the details. Check out the complexity of that gorgeous marble ceiling! The addition of wooden frames helps to define the space while the incredibly unique ceiling opens up the room, and offers up another level of visual delight. This type of sneak peek almost isn’t fair!


Classic Colonial:
This home will feature classic moldings, colonial brick details, and custom windows and doors. The spacious home was built for a beautiful family of five.



Alys Beach Modern:
This open floor plan drenched with natural light will soon be a modern yet welcoming kitchen space. From the detailed millwork, to the tray ceiling, to the clean yet warm palette – this is an example of how much thought and work go into a single room. Highly customized spaces require even the smallest details to be literally built on the spot (hence the table saw sitting where actual chairs will someday be). Kitchens are some of our favorite spaces to build or renovate. This particular client wanted theirs to feel “unique, airy, and subliminal.” The countertops will later be finished with quartzite, and the floor will feature custom stained wide plank white oak.


This is the point in a project where we become giddy! The visions for the exterior begin to come into focus. Once the finishing touches are in place, this piece of architecture will become a dream home. The dark window frames in contrast with the light exterior make this home feel dramatic – much like its much anticipated unveiling.


Marina Point:
Our most recent project offers stunning views and limitless potential. While styling the exterior of the home in earth tones, the build presents itself as a modern day estate. The clients of the home have allowed creativity to flourish, and we couldn’t be more excited to witness the end result.




So often, we get to be inspired by images of homes in their completion. However, the steps taken to get from point A to B are so much more detailed and complex. The journey to bring an idea to life is what makes our work so fulfilling – and everything in between is what makes Hendel what we are today. We thoroughly enjoy taking our time with every piece to ensure the final result not only exceeds our clients’ expectations, but surpasses our own as well. If you’re curious about what we can do, take a look at some of our completed homes here, or connect with us to discover how we can make your home exquisite.

“Women who move Minnesota” MPLS-St. Paul Magazine, October 2018

Hendel fosters meaningful partnerships between clients, architects, designers and tradespeople and has an innate talent for implementing the design-style. Rick and Amy’s story started with their collabora- tion in talent and business to provide the best product and elevate their clients de- sign style through an exceptional team and approachable process. Amy’s background in business and real estate and love for ar- chitecture and design adds a meaningful contribution to their team. Balancing fam- ily and work is also part of her daily plans. However, their children, Ava and Ashton, are also helping out with organizing selec- tions and outside drone shots of the job sites under construction.

Hendel’s process and product make them noticeably different and a leader in the

industry as they take time to understand each client’s style and desires and what is necessary in building notable projects. Clients appreciate the personal approach of Hendel and their guided step-by-step construction process.

“There is an overwhelming difference in the amount of noticeable, custom details they provide.”

At Hendel Homes, Rick and Amy believe in a philosophy of service which translates into putting the interests of their clients first. They focus on each detail along the way, not just the outcome of a building project.

“A service mindset involves listening to more than just our clients’ words; it leads our consultative and collaborative style.

It means approaching each task with hu- mility, honoring the wisdom and solutions our collaborators offer in any given circum- stance. Our clients develop confidence and trust in us because they see we’re working with their best interests in mind. As builders, we deliver architecturally intri- cate homes with uncompromising quality. Through careful project planning and ma- terials selection, we construct sound struc- tures that enclose environments calibrated to your lifestyle.

At Hendel Homes, we see our work as more than just project management. We infuse everything we do with a heightened sense of devotion, care, and respect for our clients. The honor of advocating for each homeowner’s resources, time, and talents never ceases to humble us.”

The Value of a Strong Team of Architects and Interior Designers

Teamwork makes the Dream work! This slogan speaks volumes to us at Hendel as we value the collaborative element of our work above anything else. This is how beautiful, well-orchestrated homes come to life – and we owe it to our architects and designers for helping our clients’ dream homes become reality.



Not only have we discovered, hand-picked and commissioned some of the Twin Cities’ most talented, we also maintain clear communication with all parties so that every goal is accomplished tenfold. Part of this stems from the fact that everyone is introduced from the very beginning: from early stage planning, all the way through implementation. Together as a team, our architects and designers work united to deliver results. This also cuts costs, as communication is present throughout. In addition, our process allows ideas to flourish which helps to strengthen the final product and maximize results.



The roles and responsibilities of each individual are vital, and everyone holds equal accountability. A team of architects helps to visualize the space as an entity that comes together as a cohesive and visually appealing build. The designer helps to artfully piece together the details of the space the architect has worked to achieve. Once these concepts have been planned, Hendel executes and implements the vision alongside the entire team. Ensuring everyone is on the same page from the start allows the project to stay on schedule. The most important piece of every puzzle of course is our clients, and constantly updating and asking for their input helps the vision become the dream.



With our diverse talent and integrated approach, Hendel has been able to rise through the ranks to achieve our reputation. We will always emphasize the importance of communication because it’s the key ingredient in bringing to life the gorgeous spaces we’ve become known for curating. We owe our success to the craft of our subcontractors, and multidisciplinary team. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!

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