Hendel’s Hits | Our 4 Favorite Rooms To-Date & Why

There’s something incredibly exciting about the way a space is able to capture an emotion, vibe, or reaction. Have you ever entered a room and instantly felt at ease, or arrived at a lively event and felt the need to dance? Interior and exterior spaces alike have the ability to transform our mood, and your home is no exception. It is YOUR space. We adorn our homes with pieces of ourselves, and allow the space to flow and express who we are. We spend a large chunk of our time in our homes; it is where we are most vulnerable, most comfortable – it is our place of belonging. At Hendel, we recognize how important this is, which is why we feel there is value in understanding our client’s wants and needs first and foremost. Bringing your space to life, and capturing the emotions of a specific room is a significant task we don’t take lightly.

From furnishings, to appliances, to colors, and more: the choices we make in tandem with the homeowner require communication. This is not a one man job – this is a partnership that involves skill, an eye for design, and most importantly: your vision.

We’ve complied a list of our four favorite spaces, why they’re so significant, and their ability to capture the appropriate emotion within a client’s home. We are all about craft, communication, and care. We are Hendel.

1) Kitchen
Home-cooked meals, morning coffee, and midnight snacks; the kitchen is a place where we prepare our food. The ambiance of the space should feel clean, inviting, and also incorporate ‘tasteful’ accents such as art and/or foliage. Our favorite kitchen incorporates these details, while making a statement with the glorious centered marble island as a focal point. The white cabinets, and tile bring a sense of cleanliness to the space while the bold wooden ceiling beams tie the room together in conjunction with the wooden floors, and closet.


2) Family Room
The living area should incorporate a spacious, and inviting atmosphere where both guests can mingle, and the family can enjoy a lazy Sunday. The room should invoke a sense of comfort, and relaxation. This room also has the opportunity to invoke more upbeat details, with an emphasis placed on upholstery, and a more vibrant color palette. Our favorite family room helps tie the kitchen together by also doubling as a dining space. The modern chandeliers, and spacious floor plan help the room seem large and invitational. The earth tones incorporated throughout give this room an organically modern flare. The natural light in contrast with the dark windowpanes offers dramatic dimension.


3) Master Bathroom
Similar to the kitchen, the bath should also incorporate feelings of cleanliness and organization. Because we spend our time here tidying ourselves, and getting ready/unready for our day this room’s functionality is most significant. Our top pick features natural tones with beautiful windows that offer natural lighting. The large mirrors create privacy while also being aesthetically modern, and tasteful. The vanity hugs the corner, and the spacious shower with the matching brown tones helps unify this room through the utilization of both shape, and color.


4) Outdoor
Yards are a place for play, and relaxation on a warm summer day. They offer viewers a glimpse of your home’s aesthetic, and are what Minnesotan’s crave year round. Perennial foliage with a gorgeous patio space made this our favorite outdoor project. The pool beacons play, while the fire pit and patio furniture welcome relaxation and conversation. Once again, the color palettes are unified both inside, and out.


Hendel History | Where it all began

“It’s not just another job to complete, It’s your home – your most valuable
asset.” –Rick Hendel


Creating a composition, regardless of the art form is a task that requires skill, careful consideration, and precision. From 1997 onward, Hendel Homes has made it their mission to create beautiful compositions within the home that exhibit an aesthetic that speaks to each individual client. The owner, Rick Hendel originally pursued a degree in Biology and Medical Science before following his true passion in architecture, building and design. From that point forward, he has allowed his creativity to flourish and has successfully remodeled and built a great deal of homes, each with a phenomenal testimonial to follow.



Together with his wife Amy, the Hendel’s have sought to create a harmonious partnership that delivers beautiful results, and satisfied clients. As the head of marketing and design for Hendel Homes, Amy has been able to utilize her creative eye to successfully visualize a project from start to finish. She pursued her degree in business from Bethel University, and also studied design. She helps facilitate projects by maintaining constant communication, and has an exceptional eye for detail, which allows her to successfully envision and bring to life each clientele’s dream home.



Their very first collaboration began in 2002 when they decided to conquer a project in North Oaks, Minnesota. This home opened the doors to their endless potential as a team, and allowed them to grow further by gaining referrals through these newly founded partnerships.

“Most of our work is referrals from past clients and subcontractors. Our projects and relationships with these people are very important to us, and are the foundation on which Hendel Homes is built.” –Rick Hendel 



This home incorporated several elements of modern design, and allowed Amy and Rick to exercise their creativity due to the homes speculative build. The spacious floor plan, and beautiful white kitchen offered endless potential. Early on, the Hendel’s sought to create beautiful work that was inspiring; rather than starting from the ground up, they consciously began tackling larger homes.

“Advice that was offered to us at the beginning of our careers was to start building homes where you want to be, don’t start at the lower-end and build up, but start at the high-end and continue to rise.” –Amy Hendel.



Their effort paid off when the home sold quickly, and gave them the confidence to continue their success. The Hendel’s adventurous style, and passion helped pave the path for their insurmountable reputation. The ability to elevate their client’s ideas while implementing elements of beautiful architecture and design has yielded some of Minnesota’s most beautiful interior and exterior spaces.



From their first project onward, Hendel Homes has continued to strive in order to recreate the vision of each client with precision and accuracy. Maintaining clear, consistent communication throughout the process while staying adhered to a schedule has always been their mantra. No project is ever too large or small, and they are flexible with budgets to ensure the end result is both stunning and within each client’s means.



Never settling for less than the highest quality makes all the difference, and caring about even the smallest details transforms building into artistry, and a house into a home.

Family-Friendly Coastal Cottage Style Home | Lake Minnetonka

Nestled in a wooded lot along beautiful Lake Minnetonka is this breathtaking family home. Affectionately dubbed Disney North during the building process, these homeowners wanted to create a fun family playground filled with amenities while retaining a cozy and welcoming lake-life vibe. This busy family of five was a joy to work with, from start to finish!



The home’s overall feel is an elegant mix of cottage and coastal styles. Each space projects a sense of warmth and sophistication. Clean lines and traditional wood details (from ceilings to trim) echo throughout the home and connect the entire 13,000 square feet. Natural light, wood beams, natural stone, built-in cabinetry, and metallic accent lights also tie together the many nooks and corners of this palatial retreat.



It’s impossible to single out a single highlight in a home this unique and grand, so we’ll start with our favorite amenities! The sunny indoor pool is the perfect place to escape those chilly Minnesota winters along with the adjacent sauna and hot tub. Young athletes can practice their free throws in the state of the art Sport Court. However, the personal Ice Rink is the real game-changer! What future NHL pro wouldn’t dream of having a secret rink to develop their killer slapshot? Physical fitness isn’t just for the kids here either; a custom home gym overlooks the two-story Sport Court, so mom and dad can stay in shape too.






At its heart, this home was built to welcome family and friends. Whether the day’s plan is boating on the lake, relaxing on the shore, gathering together for the big game, or hosting an elegant dinner party, no occasion is too big or small! Guests can get cozy in the rustic media room, sneak away for a cigar with dad in his hidden lounge, sip cocktails on the lakeside covered patio, or talk the evening away at the traditional dining room table.







In all honesty, we could probably talk about this stunning project for days and still discover new design details that we love. The long, narrow lot with its bluff setbacks and tight parameters was a challenge. But we couldn’t be happier with the final result; a gorgeous home with equal amounts of privacy and unparalleled views! Browse through the images below to find your favorite features; we know you’ll adore this family’s beautiful labor of love.



HENDEL HOMES builds highly-detailed custom homes with unique architectural features in the Minneapolis area. We begin with careful project planning and follow through with sound construction.

Hendel Homes Named Regional Winner in the National Kitchen Design Challenge by Thermador

Is there anything more rewarding than doing what you love? Nothing provides us with more fulfillment than creating beautiful homes for families to fill with a lifetime of memories. However, we must admit, having that hard work recognized by our industry is a sweet surprise and touching honor.


On August 30th, Hendel Homes was named the regional winner of the 2017 Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge Award. Hendel’s owners, Rick and Amy, were generously flown to Newport Beach, California, to receive the award at The Kitchen Design Challenge Gala. The gracious team at Thermador also gave them a private tour of their showroom, along with a sneak peek of their newest appliance prototypes coming to market in 2018!



The Thermador Kitchen Design Challenge recognizes designers from across the nation who have created inspiring kitchens over the last two years. Hendel was selected as a regional finalist, alongside 32 of our peers, out of over 2,800 kitchen submissions. We are humbled and proud to receive this prestigious accolade!


Our award-winning kitchen features refined architectural details, establishing a timeless design canvas. Layered next was a playful mix of modern trends and one-of-a-kind pieces. Antique brass pendants accent the center island and lend a touch of class. Hints of nickel echo throughout the room, complimenting the bronze windows that overlook glistening lakeside views.


Custom cabinetry, commercial-grade appliances, and a fumed center island all are suited for a serious home chef. The delicate handmade tile and distinct hardware and fixture selections create an elegant everyday space. This kitchen makes a design impression but remains welcoming enough for the rhythms of family life, from weekend pancakes to holiday dinners.


Thanks again to our colleagues at Thermador for awarding us this rare prize, and hosting such an unforgettable weekend of events. We’ll treasure this experience for years to come!

“Hendel Honored with Kitchen Design Challenge” Thermador, Sept 2017

Thermador’s 2016 Kitchen Challenge :

This year’s Kitchen Design Challenge yielded more exceptional submissions than we ever could have imagined. Entrants from across the country pushed boundaries, shared their unique style, and showed us an abundance of extraordinary possibilities. We are thrilled to present the 2017 national and regional winners below. – Thermador

Fall Cleaning/Maintenance Checklist | Prepping your home for the deep chill

The golden leaves are falling, which means it is time to take in those deep breaths of crisp autumn air and tackle some seasonal chores around the home in preparation for the colder months. Thankfully, with a spiced chai in hand, comfortable temperatures, and the delightful smells and sounds of fall, the to-do list can actually be quite enjoyable! We’ve put together this Fall Cleaning/Maintenance Checklist for you – so, you’ll be ready and organized.


– Change HVAC settings and inspect/clean all equipment
– Change furnace filters
– Test and clean sump pump. If you have a back-up, make sure it is in working order
– Check plumbing hoses – bibbs, ejector, boiler, sump pump
– Adjust/Maintain appropriate humidity in home:
If outside temperature is 20 to 40 degrees, humidity indoors should not be more than 40 percent
If outside temperature is 10 to 20 degrees, humidity indoors should not be more than 35 percent
If outside temperature is 0 to 10 degrees, humidity indoors should not be more than 30 percent
If outside temperature is 10-below to 0, humidity indoors should not be more than 25 percent
If outside temperature is 20-below to 10-below, humidity indoors should not be more than 20 percent
– Order firewood, if you have a wood burning fireplace
– Test safety devices: check smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and review the expiration date on your fire extinguisher
– Seal tile and grout every 3-4 years



– Clean gutters and gutter screens
– Inspect roof for any loose, damaged, or missing shingles. Also, check for cracked caulk or rust spots on flashing
– Disconnect outside water hoses and shut off exterior faucets
– Powerwash and seal concrete patios, walkways, stairs and driveways every two years
– Stay on top of snow clearing – around turrets, flat roof, porches as needed
– Inspect paint and do touch-ups as needed
– Seal gaps where critters could enter
– Schedule a chimney cleaning and check chimney cap



Lawn & Garden

– Care for trees and shrubs by removing spent stems and dead branches
– Rake remaining fallen leaves and mow grass to around 2”
– Aerate, fertilize, and reseed
– Remove debris from flower beds, add mulch, and wrap/protect any plants that are vulnerable in the deep cold
– Plant bulbs, shrubs, or trees
– Clean and store seasonal outdoor furniture and pottery
– Have irrigation system drained and serviced. Flag any heads near driveways or walkways to prevent damage during snow removal.
– Mark your driveway with stakes for snow removal





– Check condition of snow shovels and ice scrapers; replace as needed
– Purchase bags of ice-melt/salt, if needed
– Take inventory of emergency kits for car and home
– Have snow blower serviced and purchase fuel, or schedule snow removal service



Making the most of our Minnesota Summers

If you’re like most Minnesotans, once August hits, a bit of anxiety starts kicking in because you want to be sure to squeeze every last blissful minute out of what remains of our beautiful summers. We simply cannot stay indoors when the sun is shining; summer is all about being outside — we cherish this outdoor culture. The truth is… schedules get busy and it is easy to let the brevity of the season escape us. Before we know it, we are rushing to fit in all the things we told ourselves we were going to do before the air turns crisp. But really, there is no need to fret over these fleeting months. Some of the best memories are made in those simple moments with family — exploring around the community, or even in your own backyard. Here are some ways HENDEL makes the most of our Minnesota Summers…

Big fans of lake life, Rick and Amy enjoy spending their summers on or near Lake Minnetonka being active outdoors with their family: boating, surfing, biking, wake-boarding, long walks, and attending summer festivals in the area. Nature and charm abound in the communities along the shores of Lake Minnetonka – so, the opportunities for summer fun are endless and easily accessible.

Rick and Amy also love to slow down and spend quality time making memories by eating their meals together outside as much as possible — among the sights, smells, and sounds of the season. One of Amy’s favorite things to create for entertaining family and friends during the summer is a charcuterie tray, which is a colorfully curated assortment of cured meats, cheeses, and complementing appetizers. A client once gave her the idea, and now it is a must for any summer gathering. It is easy to assemble with items you may already have in your pantry, perfect for the boat, and is also beautiful to look at. Here are some items some of their clients have also recommended, and are always a hit: Dubliner Cheese from Costco, Pesto Torta from Lakewinds, and olives from an olive bar.




When it comes to building homes, HENDEL mindfully designs beautiful opportunities to enjoy the summer, and create precious memories, right outside your door. Here are some examples:

The green egg and built-in grill in HENDEL’s Artisan home is a great design for the family grill master:


An outdoor fire pit like this one from the Artisan home is the perfect beacon for impromptu gatherings, and prolonging those summer days:

This gorgeous swimming pool provides endless summer fun for the kids, but is also an elegant backdrop for cocktail parties:

HENDEL Coastal Artisan Home on Lake Minnetonka: 2016 Artisan Home Tour

The Artisan Home Tour recently wrapped up in June. It was an honor to be included, and we enjoyed meeting all of you who visited our latest HENDEL residence on Lake Minnetonka. It was the perfect setting for kicking off summer – warm and inviting spaces inside and out, graceful architectural details, sun-filled open layout with stunning views, and the sound of the lake softly lapping the property’s shoreline. This home was built with entertaining in mind – and, it was our pleasure to host for three lovely weekends.

For those we missed, let us welcome you to this Coastal Artisan home…


HENDEL Homes Lake Minnetonka Artisan Home Luxury Homebuilder MN


The welcoming exterior creates a strong sense of place, with custom-stained shale shake siding and bronze windows on the tower. A five-stone custom blend dry-stack stone compliments the white trim, stained alder garage doors, and custom front door.




Walking into the home, you are greeted with sweeping wide-plank, riffed and quartered white oak flooring reaching corner-to-corner. Highly detailed classic elements blend elegantly with clean modern lines. Expansive windows surround guests with idyllic views and ample sunlight. Every room flows seamlessly into the next – exuding warmth and comfort throughout.

The delight continues in the lower level – which includes a bar with entertainment area, and the ever-popular wine room.



Moving on to linger outside… the charming screened-in porch boasts a custom built-in grill and phantom screens – so the outdoors can be enjoyed well into the evening. Here, lakeside living is designed to be soaked up all day, every day. Thank you for stopping by.


To view more of this Refined Coastal Artisan Home:  VISIT HERE


HENDEL Homes is an architectural home design and build team in the Twin Cities that focuses on home building with customization and detail.  With personal care and collaboration, we are with each client throughout the entire process, from initial design plans to finish details, and we remain a resource to them for years to come.

Spring Cleaning/Maintenance Checklist | Time to Freshen Up, Protect & Prepare Our Homes

Spring is almost here, so it is time to freshen up, protect & prepare our homes. Remember your home is a living structure, which will move and shift with the change in seasons and as it continues to settle. We’ve put together a helpful Spring Cleaning/Maintenance Checklist for you – so you can be sure you are ready to focus your time on enjoying the warmth & sun!


– Switch over HVAC from Winter to Summer. This will adjust your humidifier.

– Service A/C Systems.

– Inspect for any cracked grout in bathrooms.

– Inspect for paint touch-ups (many times trim will separate but go back together with the warmer more humid months).

– Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

– Organize garage to make efficient room for sporting goods and recreational vehicles. Also, take stock of your garden tools and lawn-maintenance equipment.

– Wash all windows, inside and out – and reinstall screens on windows and doors, where needed.

– Schedule a family cleaning day to sort winter items (clothes, blankets, decor, etc.) for discards and donations before you store them away for next year.





– Look for shifting, cracked or missing shingles, shake or slate.

– Clean gutters and downspouts & check for any looseness/leaks.

– Inspect exterior painting and caulking.

– Repair and seal the deck, if any maintenance is needed.

– Service the outside unit of the air conditioning system to have coils cleaned & filters changed.

– Touch up peeling or damaged paint.

– Fill any concrete cracks with filler or silicone caulk.


Lawn & Garden

– Rake the lawn to remove any branches/debris/leaves you may have missed.

– Treat lawn with an organic herbicide; fertilizers are better suited for fall.

– Check outside hose faucets for freeze damage, and make sure all outdoor water systems are in working order.

– Clear away any remaining dead foliage and weeds from beds and lawn. Once the ground thaws, prepare garden beds for new planting.

– Fill low areas in the yard, or next to the foundation, with compacted soil.

– Clean outdoor furniture and air out cushions.

– Inspect trees for broken branches.




HENDEL Homes is a distinctive building company that focuses on architectural heritage, well-done design and fine quality craftsmanship and details. Building custom residences throughout the Twin Cities area – dream homes that stand the test of time; legacies built on beautiful. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind building experience, we would love to hear from you.

Four Thoughtful Ways to Enchant Family and Friends in Your Home This Winter Season | Remodelers & New Home Builders, Wayzata, MN

If you’ve moved into a new home in recent months or given yours a fresh update with a remodel, you’ll likely be entertaining visitors or holiday guests in the near future. Sharing your new space with those you love is a significant experience. Here are some ways to do it personally and warmly:


For Overnight Guests

As you set up the guest room, think one step ahead of a serene place to sleep. In addition to beautiful touches like fresh flowers and candles, a basket full of toiletries, and a carafe of water, make the room personal. Consider your guests’ favorite candy and their reading preferences. If you have the time, dig out an old framed photo of you with your guest and consider writing them a welcome note as well. The personal touches will not go unnoticed.

Serene bedroom showing bed and pillows and bedside table


For Food & Festivities

When food and drink is in order, it’s easy to go over the top. And while a delicious menu is always appreciated, your guests are craving far more in the way of your friendship. Allow yourself the freedom of being fully present and immersed in good conversation by keeping things simple. Consider one simmering showstopper, such as a gorgeous mulled wine, and keep everything else undemanding. As a bonus, your home will smell amazing, and you’ll be treating yourself to a relaxing evening, in addition to your guests.


For Outdoor Brilliance

As it’s likely that many of your guests will be visiting your new home for the first time, make it easy for them to locate, even on a cold and dark night. Create some outdoor ambiance by displaying a luminary lit trail alongside your driveway or the road leading up to your home. This is especially helpful to guests who may be driving in an unfamiliar area, or if your home is located on more secluded grounds.


For All Around Ambiance

Whether your gathering is big or small, focus on creating a feeling rather than a visual theme. Strategically take your guests down memory lane by displaying memorabilia you’ve dug up through the course of your move. And choose music that takes you back to a happy time and place with your friends. No decor can out-do meaningful connections, and an enchanting night amongst family and friends is undoubtedly the most worthwhile kind.


HENDEL Homes is an award-winning home design, build, and remodel team in the west suburbs of the Twin Cities. Specializing in intricate homes with fine details, the architectural quality of a HENDEL-built home is unmatched. We know that your space is important, but the people in it are even more precious. For more information about HENDEL, browse our website or get in touch with us today.