How to Cozy up for the Colder Months: Design Tips for Fall & Winter | HENDEL Homes Custom Home Builders Twin Cities MN

September is here and fall is on it’s way! In Minnesota that means we need to adjust quickly from heat and humidity to long sleeves and hot tea. Inside your home you’ll want to make a few style tweaks as well, to keep things cozy as the colder months come on.

Here are a few tips to gracefully welcome the cooler seasons:

1.  Warm It Up: Go ahead — dig in that linen closet and feel the warmth it has to offer. Add those thicker throws to the sofa and chairs, and imagine curling up with a good book, warm blanket at your side.


2.  Go for the Glow: Set the mood of your home for warmth and comfort by displaying a wide range of candles — and then actually lighting them during the evening hours. Candle holders in mercury glass, antique brass, silver, or wood-tones, are all beautifully refined finishes that will help create a stylish fall and winter setting.


3.  Mix up Metallics: Adding metal accessories to accent your more rustic ones (think antique brass next to earthy woods), will add a richness to your space and give off an underlying fall and winter feel. These reflective surfaces will also reflect more light in the winter months when we need a little more of it in our homes!


4.  Get Rich: With your color palette that is. We all need some color in the fall and winter, but selecting rich, jewel tones as your accent colors (instead of brighter summer ones) is a better fit for the seasons ahead. Change out your pillows, rugs, and throws to jades, purples, sapphires, and other deep colors and you’ll feel the richness of this spectacular season in your home.

Beautiful living room with large windows and view of countryside


5.  Keep Nature Near: The grass might be dying outside, but inside you can still keep the connection to nature strong. Displaying some fresh fall foliage on the table or counter is an elegant way to add a sense of the cooler months to come.


Here at HENDEL Homes we know a cozy home often means cozy hearts. If you’re ready to enjoy your autumns (& all of your seasons) in a custom home built perfectly for you, connect with us about our upcoming projects and custom design planning. We would love to hear from you!