What Does Custom REALLY Mean? | Custom Home Building Options, Twin Cities MN

In a world full of capabilities and options, the word custom gets thrown around quite often, especially within the home building community. But what does custom really mean? And are builders delivering on their promise to offer you a custom experience?

Custom Home Builder | HENDEL HOMES Twin Cities MN

Here’s what “custom” means to us:

1. Custom building means anything you want to happen can happen! Any feature you’d like to see in your new home is a possibility, any layout can be creatively achieved. Unlike many home builders who offer you the choice of three options and then charge you an excessive amount to make additional changes, we think a custom builder is someone who can make anything and everything inside- or outside-the-box happen.


2. Custom means unique. A custom builder should truly want your project to be one-of-a-kind, set apart from the rest. A custom builder and their team appreciate design and architecture and are excited to take a unique approach with each home they work on.


3. Custom means collaboration. Custom builders collaborate with homeowners, as opposed to being “order takers” from a pre-set order form. When building a custom home, you should understand how the building and design selection process works and have a hand in every decision. You should be in the loop about which details you’re selecting, the possibilities for finishes, and how each of these design elements can be incorporated into any given room.


4. Custom means knowledge across the board. A custom design and build team has a cohesive knowledge of products, materials, and finishes, and an extensive grasp on how designing a home works, not just how to sell a pre-designed home. Knowing their options allows them to communicate with their client, helping the client make well-educated decisions as they create a one-of-a-kind home suited to their personal taste.


Take a peek at more of the elegant, unique homes created by the HENDEL team in our gallery here. And if you’re looking for a truly custom home building situation, connect with us here at HENDEL Homes today!