The Do’s & Don’ts of Building a New Home: Preparing for the Home Building Process | Award Winning Home Builders Twin Cities MN

Building a new home is an exhilarating process. Sometimes it’s glamorous, sometimes not-so-much. Most often, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event. So start your home building experience off right by keeping these do’s and don’ts in mind. Planning well and aligning your expectations with the actual experience of building your dream home will make for a much smoother experience all around.


1.) Don’t rush the design stage. Starting with a well-developed plan is crucial. Don’t rush this part along. Spend as much time on the planning and design stage as necessary to make sure a complete plan is in place.


2.) Do choose your team wisely. Select a design and building team whose expertise you feel confident with. We highly recommend not making your decision by “bidding it out.” If everything is bid with honesty and accuracy from the very beginning, there will be very minimal difference in cost. Going through the home building process with a team that you trust will by far be your most valuable asset.


3.) Do seek visual inspiration. Do not expect words to communicate entirely what you want. Find as many photos as you can that speak to different aspects of what home features you like and dislike. Find rooms that inspire you and share these with your designer. Using online tools like can be a helpful way to find photos and organize your ideas.


4.) Do focus on the main features of your home. You will spend more time in the kitchen and living areas than in other areas of your new home. These spaces also include more details and finishes. Make sure to spend enough time evaluating all of your options for these rooms to make sure you get what you truly want in the end.


5.) Don’t expect everything to go perfectly. There are 100,000 components that go into building a new home, and dozens of craftsman who play their part in making things come together. Don’t be surprised when problems occur. Rather than expect things to go 100% perfectly, prepare yourself for the emotional ups and downs you are sure to face — from frustration to sheer joy. Be patient, trust your team of experts to handle mishaps with integrity, and go with the flow. As the final selections find their way into your new home, you’ll experience excitement like non-other.


6.) Do view your home as a living thing, adapting to it’s new surroundings. In the first year you might notice that your home will settle a little, and this is normal. Also, as the wood finishes in your home face humidity, they may expand and contract minimally. While you get used to your new home, it will be preparing to provide you with a steadfast place to make a life for many years to come.


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