Hendel Homes featured in Forbes | In Time For Autumn, Frameless Fireplaces Crackle With Style

The modern approach to home design places the fireplace as the focal point in a room, says Amy Hendel, principal, designer and head of marketing at Hendel Homes, also based in Wayzata. “While I anticipate the clean, modern style will stay strong over the next 5 to 10 years, the frameless fireplace design is timeless,” Hendel says. “Not only is it in style right now, it’s also stunning. The frameless fireplace is really that classic interior design style that goes with anything. It can be a juxtaposition to more traditional looks or blend with the clean coastal to the strong contemporary.”

Hendel predicts her clients will increasingly choose fireplaces that are open, without being glassed in. “The linear fireplace will continue to play well for 2022,” she says.

Come to think of it, the question of what form custom, frameless and highly artistic hearth pieces will take is a fitting topic for a chill evening’s cozy gathering of friends comfortably ensconced — where else? — around a cheery fire.

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