Hendel Homes named best Farmhouse Builder in the US

Taking on a more personal approach, Hendel Homes creates designs and some of the best residences in Twin Cities. In its 23 years of business, the firm invested in a great working relationship with many of its former clients, architects, and designers. The goal of the firm is to have a strong relationship with its clients so all of their needs are identified and applied during construction. Its hands-on building approach has made Hendel Homes a staple in the Minneapolis home building community. Hendel Homes was named the Face of Architectural Building and Remodeling by Mpls St. Paul Magazine.

Hendel Homes’ strength is being able to construct well made unique modern homes and classic traditional residences. This modern farmhouse combines both of the firm’s strengths. The home captures the classic look of the farmhouse home that everyone is familiar with but its interiors are anything but traditional. Hendel Homes did not change the facade of the interiors but, instead of opting for the usual monochromatic color palette, every room was painted with a different color and geometric wallpapers were used for a fun touch.

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