Hendel’s Hits | Our 4 Favorite Rooms To-Date & Why

There’s something incredibly exciting about the way a space is able to capture an emotion, vibe, or reaction. Have you ever entered a room and instantly felt at ease, or arrived at a lively event and felt the need to dance? Interior and exterior spaces alike have the ability to transform our mood, and your home is no exception. It is YOUR space. We adorn our homes with pieces of ourselves, and allow the space to flow and express who we are. We spend a large chunk of our time in our homes; it is where we are most vulnerable, most comfortable – it is our place of belonging. At Hendel, we recognize how important this is, which is why we feel there is value in understanding our client’s wants and needs first and foremost. Bringing your space to life, and capturing the emotions of a specific room is a significant task we don’t take lightly.

From furnishings, to appliances, to colors, and more: the choices we make in tandem with the homeowner require communication. This is not a one man job – this is a partnership that involves skill, an eye for design, and most importantly: your vision.

We’ve complied a list of our four favorite spaces, why they’re so significant, and their ability to capture the appropriate emotion within a client’s home. We are all about craft, communication, and care. We are Hendel.

1) Kitchen
Home-cooked meals, morning coffee, and midnight snacks; the kitchen is a place where we prepare our food. The ambiance of the space should feel clean, inviting, and also incorporate ‘tasteful’ accents such as art and/or foliage. Our favorite kitchen incorporates these details, while making a statement with the glorious centered marble island as a focal point. The white cabinets, and tile bring a sense of cleanliness to the space while the bold wooden ceiling beams tie the room together in conjunction with the wooden floors, and closet.


2) Family Room
The living area should incorporate a spacious, and inviting atmosphere where both guests can mingle, and the family can enjoy a lazy Sunday. The room should invoke a sense of comfort, and relaxation. This room also has the opportunity to invoke more upbeat details, with an emphasis placed on upholstery, and a more vibrant color palette. Our favorite family room helps tie the kitchen together by also doubling as a dining space. The modern chandeliers, and spacious floor plan help the room seem large and invitational. The earth tones incorporated throughout give this room an organically modern flare. The natural light in contrast with the dark windowpanes offers dramatic dimension.


3) Master Bathroom
Similar to the kitchen, the bath should also incorporate feelings of cleanliness and organization. Because we spend our time here tidying ourselves, and getting ready/unready for our day this room’s functionality is most significant. Our top pick features natural tones with beautiful windows that offer natural lighting. The large mirrors create privacy while also being aesthetically modern, and tasteful. The vanity hugs the corner, and the spacious shower with the matching brown tones helps unify this room through the utilization of both shape, and color.


4) Outdoor
Yards are a place for play, and relaxation on a warm summer day. They offer viewers a glimpse of your home’s aesthetic, and are what Minnesotan’s crave year round. Perennial foliage with a gorgeous patio space made this our favorite outdoor project. The pool beacons play, while the fire pit and patio furniture welcome relaxation and conversation. Once again, the color palettes are unified both inside, and out.