Can a Home Really Be Timeless in a World of Changing Trends?  |   Award Winning Architectural Designer and Home Builder: 2014 BATC Builder of the Year

In a world where our minds are captured from one minute to the next — new ideas, new styles emerging left and right — is it possible to create a home with timeless appeal?  We think so.  Here’s how we see a timeless homecoming together:

Include historical elements.  Historical elements have withstood the test of time for a reason.  They are not part of a fleeting style experiment that will eventually be pushed aside.  Including some elements reminiscent of history will help set the tone for a timeless home.


Create a solid exterior.  Materials like stone, cast stone, and even cedar shake siding, are used because they last.  Combine sturdy materials with high-quality touches (think wood garage door over aluminum) and timeless begins to come together.  As you make decisions, consider how the roof pitch, proportions, trim details, and front door effect the look of the home and what type of appeal they will bring in the long-run.


Emphasize interior detailing.  From the crown moulding to the base trim, these simple but consistent touches play a major role in the feel of a home.  Including built-in cabinetry and furniture is a practical artistry that brings with it long-withstanding value.  Using natural elements, like brick or stone on the walls or near fireplaces, is also a way to include timeless interior appeal.


Decorate in a classic way.  Though your color of choice may change, certain elements of classic style remain.  Pieces with architectural detailing and strong bones work in many different styles of home, but always offer timeless appeal.  Using woods and natural fibers also brings in classic touches.  Don’t shy away from layers and patterns, but use them in a way that emphasizes simplicity and elegance.

Timeless Home Design | Award Winning Builder HENDEL Homes Twin Cities MN

Timeless doesn’t have to look the same every time, and it certainly can be suited to your own custom style and lifestyle needs.  But a timeless design will emphasize these elements to create a space that is sophisticated and tasteful, yet not easily outdated.


We are excited to announce that HENDEL Homes was recently recognized by the Builders Association of the Twin Cities ( as the 2014 Builder of the Year!  We are so humbled that our peers, in addition to our homeowners, would recognize the workmanship and high quality design that goes into each of our homes, and award us such a prestigious honor.  Read more about the award here!