Letter from the Owner

I founded Hendel Homes LCC in 1997 with a singular passion, serving my customers with a commitment that extended beyond building beautiful homes. I believe it is my duty to steward my clients’ resources faithfully. That sense of responsibility informs every business decision I make.

At Hendel Homes, we see our work as more than just project management. We infuse everything we do with a heightened sense of devotion, care, and respect for our clients. The honor of advocating for each homeowner’s resources, time, and talents never ceases to humble us.

Beyond our emphasis on stewardship, the greatest asset we offer is our expertise. Just as you trust a doctor’s training or a financial advisor’s recommendations, we are masters in the field of residential building and design. We create homes with uncompromising quality that exceed expectations and stand above the crowd.

Most of our work comes from referrals from past clients and subcontractors. We cannot begin to express how much we value these relationships; they are the foundation upon which Hendel Homes stands.

If you think we would make a powerful design team on your next project, please give us a call.


-Rick Hendel