The owners of this beautiful home in the Wayzata neighborhood of Minneapolis wanted to update the space, solve some challenges in the narrow galley kitchen, and bring a modern look and cohesive color scheme throughout their home, which was primarily dark stained wood.

We worked closely with the homeowners and their designer, Pamela Cariveau with Coco Perry Design, to create a custom remodeling plan that would preserve the home’s history and architectural details while creating a more sophisticated space that takes advantage of the natural light that bathes the entire home and the stunning views of the nearby lake.

Hendel Homes began with the galley kitchen, which would have been challenging to enlarge and also had asymmetric wall spaces on opposing ends. Our elegant solution was to create a larger island that could also serve as a gathering table with working spaces around the perimeter to enhance functionality. We kept the sink in front of a bank of windows to create a balanced space and anchor the natural flow and movement through the kitchen.

One specific request the homeowners had was to create a bar area on the main level just off the kitchen rather than in the lower level that’s more common to effectively extend their entertainment space that is anchored by their kitchen. To create the new custom luxury built-in bar space on the edge of the dining room, we added two pocket doors that could hide the space when it’s not in use and to create cleaner lines in the dining space.

In their custom home remodel, the homeowners wanted to make sure the updated design complemented the existing architectural features of the home, such as the fireplace, staircase, woodwork, and stone while also giving a nod to the craftsmanship and preserving the historical character of the original structure.

Our design created a harmonious blend of old and new, as we transformed the solid reclaimed wood beams with careful formulations and coordination to restore their natural beauty while adding updated amenities and technology throughout the home.

The custom home remodel gave the owners exactly what they wanted: an updated and sophisticated look, a new cohesive lighter color palette, and understated elegance that honors the original architectural details of the home.