Hendel Homes featured in House Beautiful | Practical Beauty: Form Meets Function in a Charming Guest Bathroom

Builder’s Highlights

Amy Hendel of Hendel Homes rounded out the lake house design team, including the Minneapolis-based architects at Murphy & Co. “I think what makes this project unique is that we’re all very design focused,” she says. Here, she shares her tips and tricks for getting the guest bathroom right.

  1. Consider function first. If a bathroom is functional, truly functional, it will be beautiful. Function has to come first. You can add beautiful details later, but if it doesn’t function for how you live, it’s a nonstarter.
  2. Turn on the charm. Once you have the space dialed in and functioning properly, ask yourself: how can we make this space feel special? Is it lighting? Hardware? Countertops? This is where you can really dive into creating a beautiful room full of charming details.
  3. Layer Lighting. Lighting is one of the most important selections you make when designing a bathroom. Classical lighting that stands the test of time? That’s Circa Lighting, which made the brand a no-brainer for this project.

Photo credit: Jessie Preza

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