New & Chic: How to Incorporate Radiant Orchid in Your Home — with Minimal Commitment | 2014 Color of The Year

A vibrant purple tone with fuchsia undertones, Radiant Orchid was declared the 2014 Color of the Year by Pantone.  This enchanting color can be used as part of home decor in a multitude of ways, but don’t start redecorating your entire home just yet.  Staying on trend doesn’t always have to mean big changes, and sometimes the little ones can be the most delightful.

Here are some enticing ways to implement Radiant Orchid into your home, with minimal commitment — so you can alter your style as future trends call!

Piece things together. Soften up an otherwise structured room with bursts of purple by adding accessories that can be changed out once you tire of them.  Pillows, rugs, and throw blankets are great pieces that can add some intensity without permanency.  Even a more masculine sofa, like the one shown here, can benefit from a touch of purple.

Mix it up.  Opt for purples in pattern-form, like on this bedding, to keep the color-pop while easing the potency of a solid color.  And mixing Radiant Orchid with other similar hues (pinks, reds, corals) can provide a warm effect that stays on-trend without screaming purple.

Let your creativity run wild!  If you want to implement this color in an original way, look for something one-of-a-kind, and don’t be afraid to get a little eclectic.  This lucite desk filled with Radiant Orchid sand adds a burst of sheer joy to an otherwise utilitarian piece of furniture.

Here today gone tomorrow.  If frequent change is your thing, or purple is not your favorite, give it a try with something completely temporary.  Here a monochromatic bouquet of flowers adds purple to a personality-filled entry.  If the color grows on you, take it a step further, if not, no harm done!

If you’re ready to spark your imagination one step further, check out this stunning purple ceiling, and these inspiring rooms.


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