Home Building Services

We firmly understand our products, build with maximum quality-control, and practice sound construction methods on new construction or remodeling.

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PreConstruction Management

Informed by experience, Hendel’s team knows how to manage pre-construction and examine what pieces of the puzzle are missing before breaking ground.

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Home Maintenance and Warranty Care

We provide a complimentary and detailed maintenance manual for every homeowner. However, if questions remain, Hendel offers maintenance assistance options tailored to individual needs.

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At Hendel Homes, we are your authority for custom home building in Minnesota, with expertise in all aspects of the construction process. With more than three decades of experience and a staff specializing in structural engineering, our highly trained team is committed to providing our clients with superior craftsmanship that meets rigorous quality standards. Our specialists and project managers have an expert-level appreciation and knowledge of the complexities that come with constructing living structures, resulting in total control over product quality as well as successful, proven building methods. Here is a list that helps delineate the roles and responsibilities of the owner, the architect, and Hendel Homes as your building company.

The owner selects an architecture firm, a building company, and an interior designer and each party focus on their specific area of expertise while collaborating together to elevate the owner’s style and design. Expectations set out by the owner serve as a reference for choosing these three collaborators. Hendel works closely with many of the top architecture firms and interior designers in the Twin Cities and Midwest, east and west coast, and country, making the relationship cohesive. During the design phase, the owner provides feedback to the design team on space, style, layout, schedule, and budget projections. The design team will help the owner make material selections before construction and throughout. Hendel continuously provides feedback on construction costs aligning with overall budget and design.

The architect is a critical asset in the construction process – an invaluable partner to ensure accuracy and compliance from start to finish. They craft blueprints with exacting detail, clarifying all selections before bids are accepted. During building operations, architects lend their expertise for any modifications, ensuring both code requirements are met, and help owners stay true to their vision.

Hendel Homes prioritizes collaboration and forward-thinking strategies to ensure projects are completed on schedule, within budget, and adhere to the owner’s vision. We actively involve our architects during project drafting stages before hiring experienced subcontractors who can provide reliable costs. With Hendel’s careful oversight throughout construction, you can trust that we will meet all your design goals while optimizing efficiency at every step.

At Hendel Homes, we take pride in our dedication to collaboration and attention to detail, which not only makes for an impeccable experience but also helps keep project costs down without sacrificing aesthetic standards. Our team works as one unit with a singular point of contact to ensure all aspects are organized during development – assuring you that your vision will come alive seamlessly.


Within each of our services we also offer:

  • A tradition of fine things done well
  • Timeless craftsmanship that stands apart from the crowd
  • Ongoing communication
  • Uncompromising quality and high standards
  • Function translated into beauty and architectural intricacy
  • Knowledgeable, talented, and trusted subcontractors

If you are searching for a residential contractor to create a distinctive home or guide a renovation, please get in touch. We are available for project consulting, design, and construction.

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