Pre-Construction Management

What is Pre-construction Management?

Pre-construction management is planning and organizing building projects before the actual construction phase. The goal of pre-construction management is to ensure that a building project is completed according to plan on schedule with minimal disruption or cost overruns.

Steps of Pre-construction Management

One of the first steps is developing a comprehensive pre-construction checklist to stay
organized. It includes:

    • Obtaining permits
    • Surveying the site
    • Creating project plans and estimates
    • Selecting materials
    • Selecting contractors and subcontractors
    • Scheduling activities
    • Managing all other aspects of the pre-construction phase

Pre-construction management also involves making sure that the entire project adheres to local laws and regulations as well as industry standards for safety and quality.

Experienced Construction Management Teams

For your project to be successful, a dedicated team of professionals must be in place to manage every aspect of the pre-construction process from start to finish. The Hendel Group is here to provide experienced, knowledgeable management solutions to help avoid costly delays and potential problems to bring your custom or luxury home dreams to life. With our expert consultation services, we can ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently–saving you both time and money.

At Hendel, we understand the importance of pre-construction management and are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for any home-building project.

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