Custom Home Building Priorities: Which Selections Should You Put The Most Focus On

As we shared last month, designing and building a home involves thousands of decisions, each one layered upon the decision before it.  Which ones should you focus the most time on?  —  Here’s what we think:

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Exterior Detailing — Why go to all the trouble of building a home if it’s not going to make a statement?  Exterior detailing gives your home the custom beauty that makes it one of a kind, as unique as your family and your name.  Consider accentuating your windows with beautifully styled transoms and mullions, or adding architectural interest with corbels, arches, and a front entryway that coveys the heart of your home.


Cabinetry / Millwork –  Your cabinetry and millwork, whether it’s in your kitchen or as part of built-in features in other areas of the home, should have a specialty feel that is akin to a second-skin for the home.  But beware of the term custom when it comes to cabinetry.  While many so-called custom cabinet makers will create to your taste, the quality of work is often well below even off-the-shelf cabinetry.  What your home needs is high-quality cabinetry that is as artisan as the pieces you’ll put in it.  Additionally, don’t neglect the need for detailed built-in features in the dining area and great room.  Including pieces that appear like purchased armoires for instance, but that are built specifically for the space, takes all of the complicated guesswork out of finding the right furniture for the room later and become part of the triumph of the home.


Flooring – When weighing wood floor options you’ll need to consider not only the wood species you want to use, but also the floorboard width.  And in the case of wood floors, the finish can make all the difference in the appeal of a room.  So spend a lot of time visualizing different finishes with your designer.  The wide range of tile and carpets too mean you’ll want to ensure you select a material and style that will stand the test of time.


Lighting — What might seem like one of the most simplistic decisions can have a huge effect in the ambiance of your new home.  Though recessed lights are ever-popular, the placement of utilizing them is a key factor.  Ideally, each room will feature a mix of lighting options, from can-lights to pendants to lamps, that will coordinate intricately with the furniture and layout of the room.


With these features in mind, the specific rooms that you want to bring the most attention to are:

  • the kitchen
  • master bedroom and bath combo
  • great room


Pour more of your resources into these inviting spaces rather than try to spread them out evenly amongst every room.  Not only are these rooms where you’ll spend most of your time enjoying your home, they’re also the spaces that guests will likely appreciate as well.

With that said, a well-designed home with exquisite features is nothing without quality bones.  Selecting a builder that values structure and high-quality building materials is always the key start.


Decisions must be made, but with the right designer at-hand and a list of priorities, you’ll be well on your way to creating a one-of-a-kind home that suits your lifestyle and exemplifies long withstanding beauty and strength.


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