Hendel History | Where it all began

“It’s not just another job to complete, It’s your home – your most valuable
asset.” –Rick Hendel


Creating a composition, regardless of the art form is a task that requires skill, careful consideration, and precision. From 1997 onward, Hendel Homes has made it their mission to create beautiful compositions within the home that exhibit an aesthetic that speaks to each individual client. The owner, Rick Hendel originally pursued a degree in Biology and Medical Science before following his true passion in architecture, building and design. From that point forward, he has allowed his creativity to flourish and has successfully remodeled and built a great deal of homes, each with a phenomenal testimonial to follow.



Together with his wife Amy, the Hendel’s have sought to create a harmonious partnership that delivers beautiful results, and satisfied clients. As the head of marketing and design for Hendel Homes, Amy has been able to utilize her creative eye to successfully visualize a project from start to finish. She pursued her degree in business from Bethel University, and also studied design. She helps facilitate projects by maintaining constant communication, and has an exceptional eye for detail, which allows her to successfully envision and bring to life each clientele’s dream home.



Their very first collaboration began in 2002 when they decided to conquer a project in North Oaks, Minnesota. This home opened the doors to their endless potential as a team, and allowed them to grow further by gaining referrals through these newly founded partnerships.

“Most of our work is referrals from past clients and subcontractors. Our projects and relationships with these people are very important to us, and are the foundation on which Hendel Homes is built.” –Rick Hendel 



This home incorporated several elements of modern design, and allowed Amy and Rick to exercise their creativity due to the homes speculative build. The spacious floor plan, and beautiful white kitchen offered endless potential. Early on, the Hendel’s sought to create beautiful work that was inspiring; rather than starting from the ground up, they consciously began tackling larger homes.

“Advice that was offered to us at the beginning of our careers was to start building homes where you want to be, don’t start at the lower-end and build up, but start at the high-end and continue to rise.” –Amy Hendel.



Their effort paid off when the home sold quickly, and gave them the confidence to continue their success. The Hendel’s adventurous style, and passion helped pave the path for their insurmountable reputation. The ability to elevate their client’s ideas while implementing elements of beautiful architecture and design has yielded some of Minnesota’s most beautiful interior and exterior spaces.



From their first project onward, Hendel Homes has continued to strive in order to recreate the vision of each client with precision and accuracy. Maintaining clear, consistent communication throughout the process while staying adhered to a schedule has always been their mantra. No project is ever too large or small, and they are flexible with budgets to ensure the end result is both stunning and within each client’s means.



Never settling for less than the highest quality makes all the difference, and caring about even the smallest details transforms building into artistry, and a house into a home.