Making the most of our Minnesota Summers

If you’re like most Minnesotans, once August hits, a bit of anxiety starts kicking in because you want to be sure to squeeze every last blissful minute out of what remains of our beautiful summers. We simply cannot stay indoors when the sun is shining; summer is all about being outside — we cherish this outdoor culture. The truth is… schedules get busy and it is easy to let the brevity of the season escape us. Before we know it, we are rushing to fit in all the things we told ourselves we were going to do before the air turns crisp. But really, there is no need to fret over these fleeting months. Some of the best memories are made in those simple moments with family — exploring around the community, or even in your own backyard. Here are some ways HENDEL makes the most of our Minnesota Summers…

Big fans of lake life, Rick and Amy enjoy spending their summers on or near Lake Minnetonka being active outdoors with their family: boating, surfing, biking, wake-boarding, long walks, and attending summer festivals in the area. Nature and charm abound in the communities along the shores of Lake Minnetonka – so, the opportunities for summer fun are endless and easily accessible.

Rick and Amy also love to slow down and spend quality time making memories by eating their meals together outside as much as possible — among the sights, smells, and sounds of the season. One of Amy’s favorite things to create for entertaining family and friends during the summer is a charcuterie tray, which is a colorfully curated assortment of cured meats, cheeses, and complementing appetizers. A client once gave her the idea, and now it is a must for any summer gathering. It is easy to assemble with items you may already have in your pantry, perfect for the boat, and is also beautiful to look at. Here are some items some of their clients have also recommended, and are always a hit: Dubliner Cheese from Costco, Pesto Torta from Lakewinds, and olives from an olive bar.




When it comes to building homes, HENDEL mindfully designs beautiful opportunities to enjoy the summer, and create precious memories, right outside your door. Here are some examples:

The green egg and built-in grill in HENDEL’s Artisan home is a great design for the family grill master:


An outdoor fire pit like this one from the Artisan home is the perfect beacon for impromptu gatherings, and prolonging those summer days:

This gorgeous swimming pool provides endless summer fun for the kids, but is also an elegant backdrop for cocktail parties: