The Value of a Strong Team of Architects and Interior Designers

Teamwork makes the Dream work! This slogan speaks volumes to us at Hendel as we value the collaborative element of our work above anything else. This is how beautiful, well-orchestrated homes come to life – and we owe it to our architects and designers for helping our clients’ dream homes become reality.



Not only have we discovered, hand-picked and commissioned some of the Twin Cities’ most talented, we also maintain clear communication with all parties so that every goal is accomplished tenfold. Part of this stems from the fact that everyone is introduced from the very beginning: from early stage planning, all the way through implementation. Together as a team, our architects and designers work united to deliver results. This also cuts costs, as communication is present throughout. In addition, our process allows ideas to flourish which helps to strengthen the final product and maximize results.



The roles and responsibilities of each individual are vital, and everyone holds equal accountability. A team of architects helps to visualize the space as an entity that comes together as a cohesive and visually appealing build. The designer helps to artfully piece together the details of the space the architect has worked to achieve. Once these concepts have been planned, Hendel executes and implements the vision alongside the entire team. Ensuring everyone is on the same page from the start allows the project to stay on schedule. The most important piece of every puzzle of course is our clients, and constantly updating and asking for their input helps the vision become the dream.



With our diverse talent and integrated approach, Hendel has been able to rise through the ranks to achieve our reputation. We will always emphasize the importance of communication because it’s the key ingredient in bringing to life the gorgeous spaces we’ve become known for curating. We owe our success to the craft of our subcontractors, and multidisciplinary team. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!