Four Thoughtful Ways to Enchant Family and Friends in Your Home This Winter Season | Remodelers & New Home Builders, Wayzata, MN

If you’ve moved into a new home in recent months or given yours a fresh update with a remodel, you’ll likely be entertaining visitors or holiday guests in the near future. Sharing your new space with those you love is a significant experience. Here are some ways to do it personally and warmly:


For Overnight Guests

As you set up the guest room, think one step ahead of a serene place to sleep. In addition to beautiful touches like fresh flowers and candles, a basket full of toiletries, and a carafe of water, make the room personal. Consider your guests’ favorite candy and their reading preferences. If you have the time, dig out an old framed photo of you with your guest and consider writing them a welcome note as well. The personal touches will not go unnoticed.

Serene bedroom showing bed and pillows and bedside table


For Food & Festivities

When food and drink is in order, it’s easy to go over the top. And while a delicious menu is always appreciated, your guests are craving far more in the way of your friendship. Allow yourself the freedom of being fully present and immersed in good conversation by keeping things simple. Consider one simmering showstopper, such as a gorgeous mulled wine, and keep everything else undemanding. As a bonus, your home will smell amazing, and you’ll be treating yourself to a relaxing evening, in addition to your guests.


For Outdoor Brilliance

As it’s likely that many of your guests will be visiting your new home for the first time, make it easy for them to locate, even on a cold and dark night. Create some outdoor ambiance by displaying a luminary lit trail alongside your driveway or the road leading up to your home. This is especially helpful to guests who may be driving in an unfamiliar area, or if your home is located on more secluded grounds.


For All Around Ambiance

Whether your gathering is big or small, focus on creating a feeling rather than a visual theme. Strategically take your guests down memory lane by displaying memorabilia you’ve dug up through the course of your move. And choose music that takes you back to a happy time and place with your friends. No decor can out-do meaningful connections, and an enchanting night amongst family and friends is undoubtedly the most worthwhile kind.


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