At Hendel Homes, we believe in a philosophy of stewardship. This translates into putting service before self and looking out for the interests of our clients and designers. We do this by focusing on each detail along the way, not just the final outcome of a building project.

Stewardship means listening to more than just the words our clients speak, and that is why our style is consultative and collaborative. We know that all clients and their designers have needs that must be understood and factored into planning. There are also time and budget considerations, not to mention the ultimate goal of a building that reflects their vision.

Stewardship means approaching each task with a humility that comes from knowing that in any given circumstance, someone else knows more or has better answers than we do. Our clients develop confidence in us because they know we’re working with their best interests in mind.

As builders, we deliver homes of diverse designs with unique architectural features. We begin with careful project planning and selection of materials, and follow through with the construction of sound, functional structures that enclose carefully-appointed, comfortable environments.

We work to maintain communication with owners, architects, designers, engineers, the local building department, and the members of our construction team. We provide any necessary information for key decisions, and we assure that decisions are made when needed. We strive to keep the project on track to achieve a finished product that best reflects the client’s goals.

Hendel is a name synonymous with building award-winning custom homes, quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and advanced construction methods.

Hendel provides clients and their families convenience, peace of mind and local expertise that leads to an overrall enjoyable building experience.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rick & Amy

We can’t thank them enough

Grateful for our Clients

We are over the moon with the result of our 26th month project with you. Everything is amazing and we owe it all to you and your amazing Hendel team! OUTSTANDING!

We would recommend without hesitation Hendel for any major renovation. Rick and his employees hold high standards of quality in workmanship and product. He listens carefully to the customer’s ideas and concerns and together they make decisions. Rick pays close attention to the detail of the project so that the new structure maintains the integrity of the existing structure.

Rick is honest, professional, personable, and prompt. He communicates well with the client, appropriate building and permit officials and his employees.

I can’t say enough about how great it has been working with Rick and Amy on our home remodel. They know design and how to take an existing space and make it uniquely ours, what details are important and where best to spend our money. As a result, the final product is better than I had imagined. I will choose Hendel Homes on all future remodeling or building needs our family has.
Thank you Rick and Amy!

There really are no words that can express the debt of gratitude I feel for all of your kindness and support throughout this building process. You are the height of integrity, your ability to guide me through all of our decisions will forever be appreciated. You are a blessing to all that you encounter ~ warm, sincere, decisive and kind. I’m glad this process has come to an end, but I will miss you. With Great respect.

We chose Hendel Homes to build our new home because we were impressed with the personal attention and effort they devoted to their projects. Rick’s input in the design process of our home resulted in a design that had a high level of architectural detail but yet remained warm and comfortable. Our building process went smoothly and finished on schedule largely because Rick and his staff were on site every day making sure that the work was completed to their high standards. Hendel’s excellent reputation for high-quality custom homes is well-deserved.

Rick Hendel provided a unique added value to our home-building process. His attention to design elements and detail prior to construction of our new home in Edina made the planning of our home an enjoyable and enriching experience. His on-going study of the latest trends, new techniques, plus his ideas and suggestions suitable to our specific needs and interests helped us create the home of our dreams. We highly recommend Hendel Homes to anyone looking for a very personal approach to the highest quality and value in their custom home project.