Must-Have Qualities for Your Home Designer, Builder, or Architect | How to Choose a Home Builder Twin Cities MN

Building a home is a huge and exciting undertaking.  You are investing yourself emotionally, creatively, and financially into a project that will effect every day of your life spent in that home.  Not only do you want the final product (your dream home!) to live up to your expectations, you also want the process to go smoothly.  Choosing your home designer or builder is a tremendously important decision.

So where do you start?  And with so much talent in the Twin Cities, what criteria will help you narrow down your home building options?

Here are 4 key factors to keep in mind as you handpick your home building dream-team:

1. Collaboration.  This is your home.  No matter the level of mastery that a builder brings, not all of them will genuinely listen to your wants and needs, or even offer opportunity for custom collaboration along the way.  At the same time, a designer of excellence will not only listen, but also bring new ideas to the table, giving life to home features that may have otherwise been beyond your imagination.

2. Quality.  There is a vast array of materials available within the home building market — some are of exceptional quality and built to last, some are not.  Not only do you want a builder who has expertise in construction materials, you want one who truly values the standard and durability of the supplies that go into building a magnificent home.

3. Details.  Home building is an art.  Layering details in a room adds refinement and personality, making your home one-of-a-kind. Look for an architect and building team that can think beyond the big picture, artfully adding original qualities to your new home.  If what you’re looking for is a home that is genuine and unique, be cautious of “custom” builders who rely on mass produced plans and products.  Artistic details make your home truly yours.

4.  Trust.  When selecting a builder, trust is critical.  Not only is a homeowner trusting their builder to manage the costs, quality, and team members involved in creating a fine-tuned home, they are selecting somebody they will just plain spend a lot of time with, so they should be likable.  Make certain your builder puts their integrity first, respects your budget, and provides value in all aspects of construction.  Requesting a comprehensive list of referrals is a wise way to confirm their trustworthiness.


Take the time to consider the style and integrity of your home building options and you’ll enjoy not only the home of your dreams, but the experience of a lifetime!


HENDEL Homes is a an architectural home design and build team in the Twin Cities MN that focuses on home building with customization and detail.  With personal care and collaboration, we are with each client throughout the entire process, from initial design plans to finish details, and we remain a resource to them for years to come.  Contact us today!

New & Chic: How to Incorporate Radiant Orchid in Your Home — with Minimal Commitment | 2014 Color of The Year

A vibrant purple tone with fuchsia undertones, Radiant Orchid was declared the 2014 Color of the Year by Pantone.  This enchanting color can be used as part of home decor in a multitude of ways, but don’t start redecorating your entire home just yet.  Staying on trend doesn’t always have to mean big changes, and sometimes the little ones can be the most delightful.

Here are some enticing ways to implement Radiant Orchid into your home, with minimal commitment — so you can alter your style as future trends call!

Piece things together. Soften up an otherwise structured room with bursts of purple by adding accessories that can be changed out once you tire of them.  Pillows, rugs, and throw blankets are great pieces that can add some intensity without permanency.  Even a more masculine sofa, like the one shown here, can benefit from a touch of purple.

Mix it up.  Opt for purples in pattern-form, like on this bedding, to keep the color-pop while easing the potency of a solid color.  And mixing Radiant Orchid with other similar hues (pinks, reds, corals) can provide a warm effect that stays on-trend without screaming purple.

Let your creativity run wild!  If you want to implement this color in an original way, look for something one-of-a-kind, and don’t be afraid to get a little eclectic.  This lucite desk filled with Radiant Orchid sand adds a burst of sheer joy to an otherwise utilitarian piece of furniture.

Here today gone tomorrow.  If frequent change is your thing, or purple is not your favorite, give it a try with something completely temporary.  Here a monochromatic bouquet of flowers adds purple to a personality-filled entry.  If the color grows on you, take it a step further, if not, no harm done!

If you’re ready to spark your imagination one step further, check out this stunning purple ceiling, and these inspiring rooms.


HENDEL Homes incorporates a passion for architecture, space, and design in all we do.  Proudly building custom homes throughout Wayzata, Edina, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities area.  If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind building experience, visit our website, and connect with us today.

Five Intriguing Home Design Trends for 2014 | Twin Cities Distinctive Home Designer and Builder

Each year brings its new ideas and trends, and 2014 has no shortage of intriguing ones — for the home that is. From clashing decor to appliances that communicate with one another, here are five of the most interesting home trends for 2014:

1. Metal Mash-Up

Playing mix and match with the metals in your home is a great way to bring depth and distinctive elegance to your home. Whether it be your lighting, accessories, knobs, or fixtures, combining metals is one of the top 2014 trends. Silver paired with antique brass, nickel matched up to gold… the list goes on. But keep quality in mind — you want the effect to be well-done, not brash. When done skillfully, they will look harmonious and “just right,” like the lovely mixing of cool and warm metals here in this tablescape from Lonny Magazine, or a kitchen we just finished with a mix of antique brass hardware, zinc and stainless hood, and iron pendants and light bronze faucets.



This trend is artfully mastered here with a stunning gilded mirror highlighted with a pair of classic glass and nickel sconces in this gorgeous home built by HENDEL. Home selections by HENDEL & furnishings and accessories by THE SITTING ROOM.

2.  Rich and Saturated Color Tones

No matter the season, deep color tones ground a home. Bright and airy has had its day for the last few years — and still will have a place. But adding elements of richness will take interiors up a notch in coming years (and yes, exteriors too). Predictions for the top color choices? Blue tones like indigo, navy, and peacock blue, alongside deep greens such as hunter and emerald. Black too is topping the trends, with full rooms painted stunning black and even bold charcoal exteriors stealing the show. With a powerful presence, saturated jewel-toned colors will be seen on walls, fabrics, and accessories throughout 2014 and beyond.

3. Innovative Design Combinations

Layers, mixed textures, eclectic combos done well. This is the style of today. Gone are the days when you must define your living spaces by a single category — traditional, contemporary, modern. Building a home with a composition of diverse architectural styles is well within your reach and decorating without rules is encouraged. Alongside mixed metals, we’ll see more and more marrying of assorted woods, fabrics, patterns. Balancing vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces with modern ware will give rooms an individualistic feel. If you are questioning your skills, show an expert the pieces you are drawn to and let them help create a room that’s all you — and exudes impeccable taste.

4. The Outdoor-Indoor Blur

That french door line between indoor and out is becoming less and less distinct. Who doesn’t want to bring the feel of fresh air and open skies indoors, while also experiencing elegant furnishings and conveniences while outside? More popular than ever the ambiance of both is brought together with an elegant and utilitarian space outdoors. New innovations in outdoor fabrics, like these from Sunbrella, not only wear well but evoke the beauty of indoor sophistication. Outdoor ceiling fans, extravagant kitchens, opulent seating, and beautiful dining tables are changing our thoughts on open air dining, as the possibilities for outdoor living emerge. Expect to see more indoor-outdoor combination patios and dream big about what luxurious outdoor living features might be in store for you.

5. Smart Homes get Smarter

Smarter and more accessible that is. What started as a single unit within the home to control things like energy use, light switches, and appliances has gone mainstream. Now not only are in-home units an option, but they’re being rivaled by apps available on your hand-held devices. Using your phone or iPad to cleverly connect programmable devices within your home — think thermostats, alarm systems, even the coffee pot — is now a real possibility, making home automation more thrilling. Investigate your options and decide just how smart you want your home and lifestyle to be.

Watch our KARE 11 interview from this past weekend! We discuss trends featured in this blog article, along with our Dream Home open during the Spring Parade.

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